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PatientHelpAI leverages the power of Artificial Intelligence to transform the brief 20-minute doctor-patient interaction. We equip patients with AI-driven tools to understand and prepare for their medical appointments efficiently, bridging the knowledge gap in healthcare. Our innovative solution simplifies complex medical language, fostering improved health outcomes and patient satisfaction. With PatientHelpAI, you become a proactive participant in your health journey.

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Founder & CEO

David Bichara

David Bichara is the founder and CEO of AI Patient Notes. His professional journey includes positions at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and JPMorgan Chase, where he developed data-driven solutions. Notably, David co-founded the Ed-Tech platform CompSciLib and currently serves as CTO. Leveraging his strong technical skills and a history in machine learning and data science, David guides AI Patient Notes in its mission to transform patient-centered care.

Honors Bachelor of Biomedical Eng.

MIT, JPMorgan Chase & Co, CompSciLib

Empowering health through AI

David Bichara